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Looking for a More Inspiring Satisfying Life? 

If you’re lookng for the easiest thing to do in life, read no further.  But, if you are where you are in your life right now, and you’re looking for something more fulfilling, more inspiring and something that involves a very rewarding ‘giving back’ component … I may have just the recommendation you are looking for right now.

Becoming an NLP Trainer.  To do this, you need to be up for a challenge, something that will stretch you, at the same time as having you realise you can actually do stuff you thought you’d probably only ever watch others do in front of a group.  Imagine, you,  leading that group on how to run their life positively, intentionally and purposefully.  If it were you on this path to NLP Trainer certification – you would be learning the skills, the knowledge and the how to of shaping lives, breaking patterns and enabling people seeking growth to become free and resourceful.  The details of the course and what you will learn and be able to do, are found by clicking that link above “learn the skills”.   What I really want to share with you here, is the rewarding and varied life/work style that comes with gaining and using the skills of an NLP Trainer.  Many people have gone before you, and their testimonials can be read on the 2015 INLPTA NLP Trainer Cert PDF.

There is nothing quite as exciting and satisfying, as watching someone who came into their first NLP training – who was stuck, lacking confidence and feeling flat about the things not working out in their life – who then breaks out of old patterns of belief and behaviour, and keenly steps up to take responsibility for their life with renewed purpose, vitality and “how to” skills!

Which people will come to your trainings depends on you.  For me, its largely people in business – working for organisations or self-employed, coaches (or want to to be), therapists educators, corporate leaders and business owners.  All of them have great strengths interesting and varied personalities, and the curious ‘want’ to find out what else is possible for them.  And, they all have past failures, some unuseful ways of being and relating, and old strategies that dont serve them so well … just like you and me, eh?  They all want to break their unuseful patterns of thinking and doing, so they can move up, feel more free and inspired, once again belief in themselves, their future and in making a more worthwhile contribution.  Those are great goals in personal and professional development.

And what’s most important, is they want you to help and guide them!  Teach them the skills, tell them the stories, create the new brain pathways … that will help them grab their opportunity, and leave behind their previous self-created walls.    The world is not short of people who are stuck and despondent and running too fast on a treadmill that no longer inpisres them.  However, the world is short of people who want to make a difference, and are willing to do what it takes to become that difference-maker, change agent and cheer-team leader that growth seeking people are searching for!

Does it interest you?  Does the possibility intrigue you?  For some of you, I know the answer is “yes”.  Can you do it? This is the point where self-doubt crept in for me about 15-16 years ago.  But I felt is was important for me to find out, check it out, explore what might just be possible and sooo rewarding if I could get there.  And with help and guidance, yes.  Money? It finds you if this is your path, so that’s not the decider.  Capability?  Talk with me, and I’ll tell you what I think.  Now here’s the biggest question – will you?  If the money is possible, and the capability is in your range … do you have the commitment to changing people’s futures – the minds, hearts of others who will make a difference because you were there.  Parents, business leaders, educators, coaches, therapists, sports men and women, doctors and nurses and others you attract.

So.  Are you looking for a More Inspiring and Satisfying Life?

If you are, seriously … and perhaps there is this wondering possibility in your mind …  call me.

Thanks for listening, about something I’m passionate about … Changing Lives … giving people who want to, tools and the belief to GROW !

Mark Klaassen
NLP Master Trainer INLPTA

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