About us

The Directors

Mark Klaassen  
Certified NLP Master Trainer, Facilitator and Business Consultant

Eileen Darwin    
Promoter and Metaphysical Trainer

Mark and Eileen joined forces in 1996, and have together developed Communications Plus into New Zealand’s top provider of NLP-based business consultancy and training services. In association with their international business partners, they offer a targetted range of options for business and personal development – offering you and your organisation the behavioural skills and capabilities that will in the near future have you look back on the change you will have achieved.

More about Mark and Eileen … Our Story.

Partners and Associates

Communications Plus promotes and works with internationally acclaimed trainers and presenters, such as:

  • Wyatt Woodsmall, Advanced Behavioural Modelling, Inc., Washington D.C.
  • Marvin Oka, MasterLogics Group and Behavioural Modeling Research, Melbourne, Australia
  • Paula Mitchell, People Dynamics, Auckland, New Zealand

Visit our Partners page for more information about these Trainers.