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Increase YOUR Results and Engagement With People

  • Establish rapport with anyone and align with them for powerful communication results
  • Learn how to move yourself and others from a current difficult situation to a desired positive outcome
  • Learn how to influence people in business and life
  • Increase the effectiveness of your negotiating skills with new models and techniques
  • Experience the “Spiral Dynamics” Model:  on Values, Leadership and Change
  • Read key aspects of people’s body language to enable better responses quickly
  • Learn to generate organisational and client “buy-in” and enhance relationship engagement
  • Understand business strategies to bring the client to a quicker decision point
  • Also includes Intro to using your “multiple brain intelligences” in leadership and decision making
  • And wrap it all together for useful applications in your business and life!

Managing Self and Others

  • Learn skills for effective Leadership and Management
  • Communicate clearly with staff and colleagues
  • Intro to using your multiple brains in leadership and decision making
  • Expand your options by which to achieve desired Outcomes and reach your Goals
  • Allow people to “see eye to eye” with you and get your message across easily
  • Learn Motivational Styles – How to Motivate yourself and your staff

Specifically for Business

  • This course has a strong Negotiations component – when to sell, when to negotiate, and how to create a top result when the chips are down
  • Learn skills of Influence – what makes effective selling work – for products, ideas, services
  • The 6 Phases of Negotiation – for those who know that winning is no accident!
  • Also Learn new language skills which gain you clarity, precision and success in business
  • Get Strategies for decision making, buying and selling

Language of Influence

  • Language skills to influence the listener
  • Learn to use body language for persuasion
  • Present your ideas in a way that your customers/audience say “Yes!”

Sensory Awareness

  • Learn how your brain works … what’s unique, what’s in common with others
  • Learning to “read” people’s faces and eyes, and speak “their language”

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2014 Courses being held in Auckland

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