Eileen Darwin

“People have ‘hidden’ resources which can ensure continued mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment, … we can show you how to best access these resources, increase your emotional intelligence and develop many skills to improve your life and your relationships, in the easiest possible way . 

For the past 30 years Eileen has had a diverse and interesting business career. Starting as a typist in Melbourne, she quickly realised that working for herself was the way to go. She moved into direct sales and then in 1974, moved her young family to North East Victoria. It was there she worked for the local Adult Education Centre, running programmes to motivate and train women wanting to go back to work. She also set up three businesses over 10 years, selling them all for good profit. During this time she also studied various natural theapies.

Shifting back to Melbourne in 1989, Eileen started her own Counselling, Massaging and Healing Practise along with studying Seminar Room Logistics and Organisational Management before crossing the Tasman to set up Business, promoting overseas trainers and seminar leaders in New Zealand early 1992.

A Metaphysical Trainer and NLP Master Practitioner, Eileen motivates and inspires others, co-trains with partner Mark Klaassen, and promotes their NLP Training programmes and Corporate In-house training. She also coaches business professionals in people management and holds her own 2 day course “Energy Sense.”

The “Development of People” business has been her passion overall for nearly 40 years. With a firm belief in the potential of the human spirit to rise above obstacles presented, given enough resource, Eileen wanted to provide the most up-to-date communication technology available today forthat purpose. Her outcome is to make available to all people the opportunity to develop their emotional intelligence, healthy self-control and people communication skills, in the easiest possible way.

She believes that Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides the tools necessary to do just that, and combines this in the context of business skills development and education training.