The Enneagram Auckland and Melbourne

The Enneagram is profound model and personal growth experience for people from all walks of life. Often described as a personality model, it frequently amazes workshop participants with the fullness of self understanding that occurs.   The 2 Enneagram Auckland and Melbourne workshops offer insights and practical guidelines on understanding yourself and other people, give you a new and more fulfilling way to approach life and relationships.

There are two different Enneagram workshops – see details and flyers below for different cities and options:

  • An Enneagram Experience
  • The Advanced Enneagram Workshop  (contact office for Advanced dates and info)

Download the free PDF brochure to find out more about the Enneagram Personality Typology Workshops with

Mark Klaassen, NLP Master Trainer (INLPTA)
Eileen Darwin, NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA)

These 2-day workshops of teaching and interactive learning on the Enneagram, offer one of the oldest and most profound personality models in existence today. During these workshops, you will learn what shaped you to be who you are, and come to understand others in your life more easily. You will know your true strengths, your ways of relating and your desirable growth points. You will appreciate and value people at a new and more real level, including yourself.

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Facilitators:  Mark Klaassen, Eileen  Darwin

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