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Inner Work Coaching – Melbourne – with Marvin Oka Copy

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November 12, 2016 @ 9:30 am
November 13, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
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Eileen Darwin


St Kilda – Melbourne
Novotel Hotel - St Kilda
Melbourne, Vic Australia
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+64 21 521957

With Marvin Oka

Inner Work Coaching – Melbourne
Dates:  12-13 November 2016.
Venue:  Novotel, St Kilda, Melbourne, VIC

The new art of facilitating your clients through deep transformational changes.  Inner Work Coaching will show you how to integrate simple and powerful techniques into your coaching work that will make profound changes for both you and your clients!

Marvin Oka is an internationally renowned speaker and one of the best NLP and Modelling Trainers you will find anywhere in the world.  Building upon many years in the fields of both personal and professional development, and having co-authored the amazing mBraining book and mBIT Coach trainings since 2012, Marvin has stepped up again and created a journey into the profound new field he has coded as “Inner Work Coaching”.

Why coaches need to experience the generative difference of Inner Work Coaching

Inner Work Coaching is Marvin’s next level build on his Generative Learning methodology and works with your client as a “whole person”, not just their behaviours.  IWC includes helping your client to evolve their ways of “being” and their levels of “choice consciousness” or greater wisdom in decision-making.

The purpose of Inner Work Coaching, is to equip coaches with an enlightening and powerful new set of tools, which integrate coaching techniques with Generative Learning.
Inner Work Coaching will help coaches in many fields help clients to generate deeply significant change work, by teaching breakthrough tools and techniques in an experiential level.

This training will be for:  Trained and/or active Coaches in many fields – life, business, health, corporate, multiple-brain, and more.

The method and skills required for true Inner Work Coaching are dramatically different from that of conventional coaching methods.

Traditional types of coaching focus on behaviour and outcome-achievement. Many coaches don’t realise, however, there is much more they could do for their clients. Often, people struggle to generate real personal breakthroughs due to limiting beliefs, identity issues, internal conflicts, and being locked into a level of consciousness that maintains their current problem state.  Inner Work Coaching holds the key to unlocking new levels of consciousness in your clients.

Professional coaches – you will be able to achieve entirely new levels of results with your clients. Learning involves emerging higher orders of consciousness and expanded ways of being. You will learn how to make a profound difference to your clients – quicker, easier and consistently.

You will discover how to coach with complete confidence:

  •     Enjoy 2 highly interactive and magical days of skill-based training with the Master of Generative Learning, Marvin Oka
  •     As an Inner Work Coach, you will acquire a unique business skill set and identity. You will be at the forefront of a new niche in the coaching marketplace
  •     You will be able to generate new possibilities with clients by working with their subconscious processes, bringing to light new levels of self-awareness for more authentic choices and self-expression
  •     You will be better able to engage your client’s intrinsic motivation to journey into the space with the pathway to self transformation naturally evolves and the “aha” moment occurs
  •     You will have more ability to work elegantly on your own desired changes, so you can better work with your clients as a natural consequence

Using “Inner Work Coaching” you will guide your clients to:

  •     Self-align– gain internal balance and congruency for clarity of decision-making
  •     Connect – with core values and more authentic ways of Being
  •     Resolve – internal conflicts for greater levels of well-being
  •     Create – new possibilities that were previously unimaginable from a “problem state”
  •     Integrate – head, heart and gut intelligences for wiser action-taking
  •     Liberate – the human spirit for more authentic self-expression and passionate living

Testimonials –

“Marvin – there are people that you meet in life who have a profound effect on your life …  What can I say… Must have been the magic! You are an inspirational teacher and coach.”  Renetta Alexander, Senior Manager, Auckland Bank

“Marvin was amazing! His energy, vitality and skill delivery are outstanding. I feel as if I have heard the ‘wake up’ call!”   Sue Patterson, Company Director, Wellington NZ

“Marvin – master magician, master trainer, master performer, you must be the greatest talent on the stage of NLP on the earth.”   Greg Laws, NLP Trainer, South Africa.

Inner Work Coaching with Marvin Oka – Free Brochure

IWC Interview – Marvin Oka interviewed by Mark Klaassen about the upcoming IWC Workshop in Melbourne

Enrolling In The Course

For tickets to these amazing 2 days with Marvin Oka

Go to the bottom of our Australian Website event page to:   ENROL in Inner Work Coaching


After you have done  Inner Work Coaching,  you might like to attend Enneagram Training – Melbourne” (19-20 Nov)  and/or the mBIT Coach Training (24-27 Nov) in Melbourne.