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Travelling Within … Evolving Your Soul – with Marvin Oka

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November 3, 2017 @ 9:30 am
November 4, 2017 @ 6:00 pm
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Eileen Darwin


Communications Plus Training
Rose Park, Gladstone Road, Parnell
Auckland, AKL 1052 New Zealand
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021 274 1661

Inner Work Workshop:  “Travelling Within … Evolving Your Soul”
with Marvin Oka
Dates:  3-4 November 2017. (NB:  This course completed.  Next scheduled for 2018 in Melbourne)
Venue:  Contact Eileen Darwin at  [email protected]

Travelling Within -Evolving Your Soul
– Marvin Oka – PDF

– Marvin Oka interviewed by Mark Klaassen about the event ” Travelling Within … Evolving Your Soul”

Enrolling In The Course:
For tickets to these amazing 2 days with Marvin Oka
Email:  Eileen Darwin:  [email protected]

People registering for Marvin’s 2-day workshop…
Enneagram Grads—you will know your “Type” and have understanding of the model, and I will send you a ‘review’ info pack
Non-Grads—  You will be emailed the Enneagram Assessment—to fill in and return.  Then …
Two options – the first is the best readiness for Marvin’s event
1 – Attend “An Enneagram Experience” (27-28 Oct 2017, Auckland) with Mark Klaassen and Eileen Darwin – workshop for $195+gst for those enrolled in Marvins event.
2 – Or get info pack and have a 1.5hr Skype call with Eileen, to gain further distinctions. Value $295; Your Fee $95



Marvin is the Master of ‘Inner Work’ … and this time his focus is on
“Traveling within, Evolving your Soul– based on Enneagram Pathways, letting go of ego states.

He will also be taking you through experiential, and deep meditative processes, enabling you to reach more understanding of your Soul Journey.

This special workshop is definitely for you if you’re seeking more alignment, and Spiritual growth.

Marvin is warm-hearted, creative, and compassionate. You’ll be discovering new ways to view your personality, and gain awareness about yourself in his generative learning workshop.

If you’ve had the pleasure of learning with Marvin you’ll know his brilliance and expertise—here’s what a couple from our Melbourne workshop last November –

 I would just like to thank you and your team for bringing the wonderful Marvin Oka to us this weekend. For me it felt like the quiet murmurings that presage a revolution – in the best of ways. Many thanks for creating the conditions where such a profound experience could occur. Hilary Chapman, Australia

 Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I’m very grateful to you for putting the workshop on. Having access to Marvin is a wonderful opportunity. Pearl Sidwell, New Zealand

Marvin will be
taking you through various generative processes and meditation journeys based on generative learning and Enneagram Evolutionary Pathways. The ego personality is based on belief structures about who we are, and what the world is. Spiritual awakening and evolving involves connecting with dimensions of experience hidden by ego personality structures.

From Facets of Unity by A.H. Almaas – 3 things are required for a soul to awaken, and evolve –

  • Basic Trust – when this stage is present–the development of the soul moves toward Being; when it’s ‘absent’ – from the ‘helplessness and the lack of Holding in childhood’ the soul develops more ego
  • Living Daylight – a Soul’s Birthright! Do you know what it was that ‘scared the Living Daylight’ out of you?
  • Holding Environment – during the first few years when developing a separate ‘sense of self’ and ability to connect to Living Daylight is affected by what’s happening around you (parents, carers, security, safety).

The importance of Basic Trust

Step 1 – becoming aware – perceiving and experiencing beliefs or identifications that make up the ego structure

Step 2 – dissolving the ego structure – and this is difficult for many people due to the unsure nature of ‘what is beyond’…

Moving toward – if jumping into the ‘abyss’ is easy for you, transformation can happen easily.
Moving away – if letting go of past identifications is difficult, painful, or fraught with fear – you will tend to hold on to the ‘old’, staying aligned with ego – fighting, resisting, struggling… and, we all have some of each of the above.

Reacting to the loss of Holding, each Type develops the following ego personality traits
(Facets of Unity)

  1. Make holding happen by trying to improve oneself
  2. Deny the need, yet manipulating and seducing the environment to provide it
  3. Deny the need, pretending–I can do it on my own, and I’ll make it happen
  4. The absence of holding is counteracted with the disconnection from Being–controlling environment and people to get it back
  5. Not dealing with the loss by withdrawing and isolating, avoiding the situation
  6. Being more in touch with the fear and distrust, defensive, paranoid
  7. Planning how to make it good, fantasizing what it will feel like, rather than feeling the pain of the loss
  8. Getting angry about the loss, fighting the environment to get it back–seeking revenge for the hurt
  9. Smooth the whole thing over, everything is fine, living life mechanically, in a dull way

We presuppose everyone wants more Peace in life! When suffering ceases, one is ‘enlightened’ – it’s not a matter of not feeling pain, but of not fighting it! So, if you are seeking to be more ‘enlightened and realized’ and have more Peace in your life, these 2 days will set you on the pathway forward with tools to continue your travels – and, if you are already ‘enlightened and realized’ your Being will love the continued journey Marvin is making available for you…

Enrolling In The Course:
For tickets to these amazing 2 days with Marvin Oka …
Email:  Eileen Darwin:  [email protected]

Your Package includes—

  • 2-Day Workshop 3-4 Nov with Marvin Oka
  • Welcome Cuppa; Morning tea; Lunch; Afternoon tea
  • Free Celebration Buffet Sunday 5 Nov with Eileen, Mark and Marvin
  • Free parking onsite, and on the street