Mark Klaassen

On Business Leadership, Communication, Growth and Change

Mark is a Certified NLP Master Trainer (INLPTA), Certified mBIT Coach Trainer, Group Facilitator and Business Consultant to some of Australia and New Zealand’s largest companies, including ANZ Bank, Air New Zealand, Bank of New Zealand, Fletcher Forests,Vodafone and Fonterra. He is also a Life Member of the XL Results Foundation.

You will want to see Mark and hear about the powerful mind-shifts that can bring you breakthroughs in your personal and business relationships.

Mark’s background in human development, change, finance, and business growth, have given him a dynamic understanding of the “X factors” needed for business and personal success.

As a Trainer, Facilitator and Consultant, Mark is amazing. Qualified in several areas of human development and personal change, he utilises and teaches skills in NLP, Business Leadership, Executive Development and Performance Coaching.

Now based in CP’s Melbourne office, Mark is also qualified in “Spiral Dynamics” – the map of insights for understanding values and change in people and organisations – what silo’s group, what aligns people, what prevents change despite decisions made and what enables engagement in today’s business world.

On Coaching Business Leaders

Most Business Leaders and Business Owners know they need more than themselves to succeed. And they need more than good people working for them. What else do they need? What is it these Leaders crave and seek after? Someone who will be their guide to the “next level”. Someone who really can clarify the picture, add power to the breakthrough, and most of all … facilitate them in becoming the person who can, and does, get where they want to go.

“Mark has been working with me in the capacity of Business Coach and Mentor over the last six months. I have found Mark’s advice and input to be invaluable in the areas of strategy, management, human resources, and my own personal development. His understanding in these areas is extensive and his thoughts and ideas are communicated extensively and effectively.

The structure of the business and team we have now implemented for this year is working exceptionally well, reflected in particular by the self-motivation of our team and the resulting company performance.

I highly recommend Mark as a Business Coach, Mentor and Trainer.”

Jason Lewis – Managing Director, IT Power.

Outstanding Leaders and Business Owners, whatever their profile, want more than success, more than ticking the goal boxes. They want satisfaction, they want to thrive in their field. And thats about growing, transforming and thriving … like a plant in a garden, not staying the same, evolving and loving the journey on the way. Contact Mark now if you want this.

On Business Consulting and Group Facilitation

Mark comes into organisations at times when business owners or management have asked the “how?” question, and want more than their own answers. Through custom designed sessions which break through into new paradigms, Mark facilitates, coaches, guides and trains in ways that executive teams achieve clarity and direction which supports their chosen objectives.

“Your people have an amazing pool of knowledge and resources! The key is identifying well-formed outcomes that align with people’s passions … something you can see and get a hold of! It’s about unlocking the patterns that enable both the individuals and the organisation to move from your present situation to a desirable state of better results and more engagement. So we listen – develop strategic solutions with you, facilitate events to engage and upskill your team, and utilise NLP and other topline methodologies to achieve those outcomes with you.”

Several years work with community services, SME’s, business owners and corporates, means Mark also brings with him a perspective that applies to people at grass roots as well as company leadership.

Also as a trainer/facilitator to top leaders in the medical field, Mark Klaassen is also a contributing Author in the 2014 book “Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care: A Multi-Professional Approach”, which includes his chapter on “First and Second Order Leadership”, principles with high relevance to leadership in any organisation.

On Lifestyle and Wealth Creation

Mark Klaassen’s main business activity nowadays is the Lifestyle and Wealth Creation company “Time To Prosper”, based in Melbourne Australia.

Click here for more information on Time To Prosper.


As one of Australiasia’s foremost NLP Trainers / Facilitators for the business sector, the Communications Plus team bring new thought, lateral thinking and visionary leadership to business communication and relationships. Mark’s leadership style is interactive, challenging, fun and experiential, so participants have new ideas and breakthrough skills to practise and benefit from in the workplace.  Mark is also an mBIT Leadership Coach and Coach Trainer in Multiple Brain Integration Techniques.

Communications Plus Ltd has been bringing dynamic solutions to organisations since 1992, and assisting them in developing strategic solutions, training and systems to move above the plateau.

Mark’s clients have included:

  • Air New Zealand
  • Fonterra
  • Sky City
  • ANZ Bank
  • Dun & Bradstreet
  • Bell Gully Lawyers
  • Fletcher Challenge Forests
  • The Bruce Mason Theatre
  • Auckland District Health Board
  • Alinta Energy (Melbourne)
  • LIC (Livestock Improvement NZ)
  • Corporate Vitality (Melbourne)
  • ASB Bank
  • Vodafone NZ Ltd
  • B.O.C. Gases Australia
  • The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Spotless Services (NZ) Ltd
  • Mentor Institute (Melbourne)
  • Mercury Energy/Vector
  • The College for Adult Learning (Melbourne)
  • Bank of New Zealand
  • Acumen Alliance (Australia)
  • Auckland Transport