INLPTA and Other NLP Certification Trainings

INLPTA Certification Training Courses for Business and Personal Development

The following NLP Certification training courses are international certifications, recognised in over 42 countries across Australasia, USA, Britain, Europe and Asia. The Courses in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) are taught by Certified Trainers who specialise in the Business and Personal Change Applications of NLP, and also incorporate all the core NLP models taught elsewhere.  To Register – Contact Office.

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Mastering Your Life with NLP

NLP Practitioner and NLP Practitioner in Business Communication

20-day course (spread over 5 months) teaching all the base models of Neuro Linguistic Programming and how to apply them in business, education, sport or therapy – based on the INLPTA Practitioner curriculum.

“Amazing learning and personal growth.”    “… Brilliant business models and applications!”

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For the Shorter 7-Day “NLP Business Communications Practitioner Training”click here.
For the Shorter 7-Day course “NLP Coach Practitioner”click here.


Mastering Success with NLP
NLP Master Practitioner (and also in Business Communication)

18-day course (spread over 4 months) teaching new and advanced NLP skills according to the INLPTA Master Practitioner curriculum. Major topics include: Skill Modelling, Metaprogrammes, Spiral Dynamics, MBTI, Change Interventions and Criteria Utilisation Patterns, plus many Language Skills and Business Applications.
Pre-requisite:  NLP Practitioner

2018 NLP MPrac PDF  
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NLP Trainer Training

INLPTA Trainer courses are the internationally recognised standard for those who wish to train others in the technology and uses of NLP.

Next INLPTA course: Auckland, New Zealand – click PDF below. 
Pre-requisite:  NLP Master Practitioner

2016 NLP Trainer Training – PDF
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