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Next Training:  24 Sept to 12 Oct 2016      2016 NLP Trainer Cert PDF

With NLP Master Trainer: Mark Klaassen

 This NLP trainer training is authorized by The International Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainers Association (INLPTA) which is a worldwide association of NLP Trainers dedicated to the professional and ethical use of NLP.

Pre-requisite:  NLP Master Practitioner to INLPTA standard.


Exciting new material being presented . . .

The following is a listing of some of the key content pieces that you will be learning as a participant in this NLP Trainers Training.

This is only a partial listing of some of the content that you will be covering:

  • Presenting your ideas quickly and clearly
  • The secrets behind holding your audience spellbound
  • Facilitating people’s learning filters
  • The secrets to creating “understanding
  • The Concepts, Principles, Processes, and Procedures Model
  • Installing and utilizing strategies from the stage
  • Well Formedness conditions for training outcomes
  • How to create charisma from the stage
  • Developing your vocal variability
  • Beyond so called “logical levels
  • Tracking for hierarchical levels and logical typing
  • How to model the learner
  • Developing your identity as a Trainer
  • How to test, evaluate, give feedback and retest your students
  • The art of coaching during training
  • The four learning styles and training design
  • Stage anchoring
  • Nested loops
  • Logistics (and working with logistics teams)
    • Seating arrangements
    • Equipment
    • Manuals
    • Environmental influences
    • Flip charts
  • Accelerated learning
  • Generative learning
  • Chunking & sequencing for shaping behaviors
  • Adult learning theory
  • The seven Generative Learning TOTEs
  • The learning meta programs
  • Advanced language patterns & metaphor
  • Platform skills
  • Developing a training style
  • Facilitating exercises
  • Giving instructions
  • Debriefing
  • Handling open frames
  • Overcoming the barriers to learning
  • Use of Voice, Body, Tempo, and rhythm
  • How to use (and not use) trainers notes
  • Group calibration skills
  • How to facilitate group trances
  • Use of music, color, props, and games


 Mark Klaassen:
Mark is a certified NLP Master Trainer and is also certified in NLP Behavioural Modelling and in Spiral Dynamics SD I and II. He has a B. Theol, a Dip in Human Resources and is Director of Communications Plus. Mark’s background is in banking, business consultancy, human development, marketing and training. Consulting to businesses throughout New Zealand and Internationally, he utilizes NLP, the Spiral Dynamics model (on values, leadership and change), accelerated strategic planning, NLP-based recruitment and systemic change management. Mark’s clients have included: Air New Zealand, Vodafone, ASB Bank, World Vision, Fonterra and Fletcher Forests plus many Executive Coaching and Consulting clients in businesses of all sizes. He also teaches NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Certification. He brings with him a unique view of the ‘human development’ and ‘corporate business’ areas along with a deep caring for people.

Mark Klaassen was trained by Wyatt Woodsmall and Marvin Oka, founders of INLPTA, and they are sometimes guest trainers on this course.


INLPTA Founders:

Wyatt Woodsmall PhD:
Wyatt is the Founder and Director of INLPTA – the International NLP Trainers Association, and is also President of Advanced Behavioral Modeling, Inc., a consulting and training firm committed to increasing the performance and productivity of organizations and individuals through the use of his advanced learning techniques. Dr Woodsmall is highly regarded as one of the most knowledgable and insightful NLP Master Trainers in the world. Having travelled and trained on 5 continents, he is the Trainer of many of the leading NLP Trainers, especially in the UK, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East.

He is co-author of Time Line Therapy and the Basic of Personality; Our Vanishing Values: The Culture Crisis; People Pattern Power: The Nine Keys to Business Success; five monographs and hundreds of published articles on Behavioral Modeling, Advanced Learning Technology and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

In addition to serving in industry and government spanning 40 years, Dr Woodsmall developed the models used by the US Olympic diving teams and their coaches during the last three Olympics.

He is a Master Trainer and Master Modeler in NLP.His method of using unique models to teach skills, dramatically improves performance, reduces training time and lowers costs.He is a Founding Director of the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA), and one of the premier teachers of NLP in the world.His teaching takes him to all corners of the globe.

Marvin Oka:

Adding to your Trainer Training experience for the final 4 days is world renowned Certified INLPTA NLP Master Trainer & Master Modeller, Marvin Oka.  Co-Director of INLPTA with Wyatt Woodsmall, Ph.D. and Bert Feustel, Marvin is a highly sought after international consultant and speaker specialising in leading edge behavioural change technologies and research.

Recognised as a world leader in his field, Marvin has built an impressive track record helping people and organisations with strategic, systemic change. He is also the originator of NBM (Neuro Behavioural Modelling) and the Co-Founder/Co-Author of mBIT/mBraining – the new field of multiple brain integration techniques, combining Neuro-Science, NLP and many ancient wisdom practices.


As a future NLP Trainer you will need many things to be successful and through the International NLP Trainers Association your future pathway is assured. INLPTA Trainings are among the most comprehensive and impactful Trainer Trainings to be found anywhere.


The International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) is a worldwide association of professional NLP Trainers and Master Trainers who are dedicated to establishing and maintaining the highest quality standards in NLP accreditation trainings. With members on all five continents, INLPTA is the only international association comprised only of Trainers and Master Trainers who are aligned in their steadfast commitment to upholding the values of quality, professionalism and ethics through official accreditation requirements for recognized NLP Certifications and through the INLPTA Professional Code of Ethics.



Your successful completion of the NLP Trainer Training provides all the core skills of being an NLP Trainer /Facilitator / Presenter.

This training is well suited to people wanting to learn the skills of NLP Training Design and Delivery, and how to use NLP methodology while facilitating public, corporate or NLP certification groups, making presentations, conducting trainings and during business leadership.

The majority of people use these skills and tools for advanced personal and career development. Well suited for business owners, businessleaders/executives, change managers, human resources advisors, in-house trainers and facilitators and all leadership roles where high level communication is required for performance improvement and change facilitation.


For those who wish to promote and teach NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications, becoming an INLPTA Certified NLP Trainer requires successful completion of this NLP Certification Trainer Training.  Further details on this training are available from the Communications Plus office.



The INLPTA NLP Trainer Training is open to anyone certified as an NLP Master Practitioner. You must be able to demonstrate that your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner knowledge and skills meet the INLPTA standards.

Successful completion of the NLP Certification Trainer Training qualifies the graduate as a fully Certified INLPTA NLP Trainer, and entitles the graduate to promote and teach NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certifications, along with use of the INLPTA Seal for this purpose.



Please contact the the Communications Plus office if you would like the latest information.

Location: Communications Plus Training Space, Auckland.

Trainers: Mark Klaassen and assisting team.

Language: This training will be conducted in English.

Training Times: From 9.30AM to 7PM with some optional evening sessions from 7:30-10:00 PM.

2016 NLP Trainer Cert PDF

For further information contact:

Eileen Darwin, Director and Promoter of Communications Plus Ltd.
PO Box 105-385, Auckland, New Zealand
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +64 9 475 6393