If 2020 is to be Your Year, you must make a decision what you’re going to Focus on as your main thing this year. ?

There’s a powerful ⚡relationship between Energy and Attention.

Energy flows where Attention goes – meaning that what you put your Focus on will grow. It’s like watering your garden – once the hose is on (energy flow) the plant you point your hose toward consistently (attention flow) gets the water, grows and bears fruit. ?☀️

Beware distractions which also demand your attention. If we give in to them they use our energy and leave us with less ability to focus. There’s a powerful secret to handling distractions further below.

Anyway – what do YOU want from this year? ? What fruit do you want this year to bear for you – in your life, through your work, in your relationships, your health and also in fun, rewards and benefits. Write, type or tell them to Siri, now – get it outside your head and on paper ? make it more real – get clear.

What action steps will take you there? ? What are the steps and stages you will do in order to successfully achieve them? Write, type or tell them to Siri, now – get clear. If you haven’t been a good planner in the past, get with someone who is, who does achieve ⭐ and seek guidelines. No plan, no action, no result.

So then let’s say you did take the time to decide, plan, write all the above to get it clear. What prevents it becoming “just another failed New Year’s resolution’? If you’re like me some years past, you’ve made New Year’s resolutions with good intention … and scuttled most of them within the first month. Haha!

How to overcome that? The answer may surprise you. DO LESS!

Choose just ☑️ “One Thing”. The one you would most be grateful to achieve. Or the one which is most likely to positively affect other things in your life. It doesn’t have to be the biggest task – but it MUST really matter to you more than most other things you’d like to change in your life.

(BTW, if you want to know what I did, just ask me)

Next, if you really want to achieve … if you’re serious about it … ?
• consider what is most likely to distract you
• and for each of these, write how you will overcome that distraction. (action)

This year of 2020, you will live life, do many everyday things. Life still goes on. That is no excuse to sabotage your “One Thing”.

What if you decided that living life in 2020 is going to fit around this “One Thing”? And it did. You made it happen. No excuses, successfully avoiding distractions by using your plan. You committed yourself to achieving this one thing. And you did it! ⭐⭐⭐

How to measure success? You measure success by looking how far you’ve come since 1 January on this “One Thing”. ⚖️ Avoid scoring yourself as a failure for errors.

Final Tip! If you mess up or get off track – FORGIVE YOURSELF? let it go, get back on the track and move forward with the next step. ?

Your “One Thing” matters! Have you ever realised how changing just one important thing influences many other things? Your choices create change. Fact.

A colleague of mine wrote recently: “The dog that chases 2 rabbits goes hungry.” Don’t go into the New Year spreading yourself too thin on too many projects. Pick the one that is absolutely going to be the game changer for you throughout the year & give it your all.

Oh, and what I did? Well as I said: You’ll just have to ask me. ?

2020. New decade. Your first day matters. You are amazing! Be that this year!

Mark Klaassen

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