Paula Mitchell

Paula Mitchell began her NLP path around 2003, becoming an INLPTA Certified NLP Trainer in 2011, and joined the Communications Plus NLP Trainer team in 2013.

With many years of experience as a Trainer, Coach and Business Consultant, Paula has a wealth of skills and experience to draw on when working with clients, individually or in groups.

Paula says, “I have a great fondness for people, a deep understanding of how people get bound up in their worlds, and a fundamental desire to assist them to move beyond those limitations – and then reconnecting with their more empowered and enlivened selves. I totally value and respect the privilege of being able to work and connect with people in this way.”

 Working in the Human Development arena for 25 years, she has continued her own personal and professional development during this time.  Paula is a life-long learner, believing our life experiences are as profound a teacher and rich a resource as any training room, webinar or coaching programme.

 “Very often we simply need to learn how to interpret what we are experiencing… and that’s where I can support… bringing professional technologies to my clients, brokering their change to far more useful and rewarding results.”

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a large part of Paula’s work – as a Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP and she has lots of resources, capabilities and experiences to bring to client coaching sessions and participants in her training rooms.

Many other technologies and models also support her work: Spiral Dynamics, mBIT (multiple intelligences), Enneagram, MBTI, metaphysical and mindfulness principles, and a most recent addition – the leading edge in coaching and consulting, Inner Work Coaching with Marvin Oka.

What some of Paula’s clients say about her work …