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We have a select range of products, all personally chosen and recommended by us for your further education in the fields of NLP, Behavioural Modelling or Spiral Dynamics. We know, and have trained with most of the authors personally, and these products will increase your awareness about the applications of NLP and other topics as we teach them, for use in your Life and Business.


NLP Books

Wisdom & Understanding
through Books and Articles

  • Topical Books on NLP and Modelling
  • Books and Articles by Dr Wyatt Woodsmall
  • Miscellaneous Articles and Excerpt

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Audio / Video / DVD / CD

  • DVDs - soon to become \"download when you buy\" files
  • Audio CDs of some events

These are all recorded special events - Trainings and Presentations - by Mark Klaassen, Wyatt Woodsmall and other trainers who work with Communications Plus in New Zealand and Internationally.

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For a list of other books on NLP, Applications of NLP, and associated topics recommended by Communications Plus, please contact the office for assistance.