Relationship Works – Relationship Seminars for Couples & Singles

Relationship Seminars … This year in Auckland, Mebourne and Fiji!    Contact us now for details!

The most common desire people express to us is that they want a more harmonious and fulfilling personal relationship.  With increased stresses in today’s world, many relationships being severely tested, and people wonder “what practical real thing can I do about it …?”   Well here, for you, is a Relationship Enrichment Event you will actually enjoy!

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So here’s an opportunity to take action, feel better,
resolve stresses and have several positive lights drawing
you ahead, feeling better about yourselves and having
better quality conversations.

Some things to say upfront are –

    • For Couples – the workshop is about adding richness and greater fulfilment to your relationship, and is it not necessarily assumed that you have a dysfunctional relationship now.  It is always a growing and enriching experience, loaded with discoveries, laughter and insights.
    • For Singles – you may be between relationships, keen to learn ways better maintain a good quality communicative relationship, and avoid the same mistakes we often make – each in our own ways – yet surprisingly common patterns show up that can be prevented. You may never yet have experienced a quality long-term relationship and would like to learn “the rules of the game”.   It’s serious, and its light-hearted, learning to love, laugh and thrive!
    • For people who are currently relating with difficulties, be encouraged – you will find this course useful, fast, progressive and rewarding.
    • There will be sharing times of course, however you will not be required to talk about ‘stuff’ if you don’t wish to. You will work on any ‘personal’ matters with your own partner;  or for singles, with an ‘on course buddy’ if you choose to do so.
    • Intimacy may have been scary for you in the past; you can be yourself here and learn to become more comfortable, more at ease.  The important parts of what makes intimacy work, are rewarding, do-able, worth the effort and way more than only sexual.  Some of the warmest moments in any relationship are when we find ourselves more able to accept and forgive one another, enjoy being accepted, and choose to bring our best to the moment.
    • This course is open to hetero and gay couples/individuals … we ask everyone to participate with a respectful acceptance of every person.
    • The Advanced relationship seminar is for “couples” only, not singles.

Mark and Eileen

Some topics we’ll include… and we will also look to include outcomes you’d like –

  • What is a fulfilling relationship?
  • Relationship Agreements
  • Attending to stress points
  • Purpose, goals and dreams as a couple
  • Relationship values, shared and individual
  • Power and control… no, not me! Yeah, right!
  • How you are thinking about relationships creates your perceived reality
  • If we’ve been ‘brushing it under the carpet’, what to do next?
  • Creating real intimacy

Of course we will cover off confidentiality, safety and trust.

Please know that what we share is what we have found in our experience to be progressive, productive and relationship enhancing.  And by the way, we’re not the ‘know-it-alls’ of relationships, simply travellers who’ve learned some really useful and rewarding things.

SO… if you’ve read this far, you are probably interested. We hope you are, and promise there will be hilarity amongst the serious bits!  We believe you will go away from this weekend with some great pluses in your communication and things you can work on together – along with a ‘treasure map’ of your dreams!


There are two levels for this relationship seminar – this year

  • “Relationship Works” for Couples and Singles – RelationshipWorks FIJI
  • Advancing Relationships – “Relating For Real” – for Couples only.
    (Pre-requisite: must have done “Relationship Works”)

INVESTMENT: contact office.

To enrol – email Eileen now with your question and enquires.
And talk about flights, accommodation and other details too!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Warm regards,

Mark and Eileen

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