Metaprogrammes – How your Mind Filters what you Think and Do

You have choice to be different ways!  Or remain the same.Metaprogrammes NLP Training Auckland Sameness Difference
Metaprogrammes are mind filters creating a ’cause-effect’ relationship in your brain process.

Would like to know how it works?
Do you ever wonder why you are the way you are?
You’re not alone, many people do!

An even more important question for you is: HOW you are the way you are?
You see, contrary to popular opinion, who you are – is not set in concrete.

Metaprogrammes run most of your habitual responses. You have choice to be different ways. I dont just mean do different behaviours, although that will be a result, if you want.  I’m talking here about the benefit you get from coming to understand how your unconscious mind (prior to conscious thought) filters your awareness, what you pay attention to – or not, and the thoughts, feelings and behaviours which follow.

NLP calls these filters “Metaprogrammes”.  They are … How your Mind Filters what you Think and Do.

An example:  Sameness vs Difference. 
Approximately half the population automatically sorts one way in their mind, half the other.

Sameness sorters:  Like things to be the same.  Notice first what is same, then what is different.

  • So in business, hire them for a job with no variety or change.  They do repetitive tasks well each day.  Do not expect them to adapt so well to variety or frequent change.
  • Emphasise job security and job stability, routines.
  • Might be regarded as boring, ordinary or predictable by difference sorters.
  • When telling them about change, tell them some things have to change in order for the really important things to remain the same!  “In order for you to keep this same job, we are having to re-structure this department and how it functions, so you still get paid same for doing essentially the same job, just has a different name and two tasks added.  OK?”

Difference sorters:  Notice what is different first, then what is same.  Quickly observe what’s not right with something.

  • These people like change more often.   Do not expect them to perform repetitive tasks. Tell them that the world is constantly changing, and that the job requirements will change from time to time to keep pace with the mobility in the market place.
  • Often regarded by sameness sorters as picky, changeable, unreliable to do it how I want it done.
  • Want to sell to them?  Tell them what is unique, amazing new features, re-designed.

What do sameness people call difference people?       “pests, why are you so picky, critical and negative …?”

What do diff people call sameness people?                     “simplistic, you’re sooo predictable …!”

Sameness boss to difference employee:

  • How many times do I have to say “Do it this way?”

Difference boss to sameness employee:

  • Did you ever have an original thought in your life?

So … do you recognise these sorts of people inyour life?

So that’s just one way metaprogrammes filter … there are over a hundred of them.

And you can change if you learn how.

Give us a call if you like … Have a great day!


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