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Time Line Therapy: And The Basis Of Personality - Commplus

Time Line Therapy: And The Basis Of Personality


Authors: Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall                                                   Pages: 282
This book describes the basis of personalities and our relationship with time. It also provides extremely powerful techniques giving you the possibility of creating performance improvement changes in a very short period of time. Interested …? Read on …

Investment : NZ$75


What is Time Line?Time Line is the first element in the Basis of Personality. It is a key element to an understanding of personality. Our memories, our decisions, our experiences good and bad, are collected here over time and determine how we relate to the world. The way we store memories affects how we experience our lives and how we experience time.One is always fascinated with the notions of goal setting and time management, and how time seems to work in some people’s favour and against other people. In the dictionary time is “an indefinite, unlimited duration in which things are considered as happening in the past, present and future.” That doesnt seem to be enough, it gives a definition, but not the reason why.

It seems that some people have all the time they need while others do not. Some people are organized while others are not. Some people who set their goals achieve them, while others dont. In this book you’ll learn about Meta Programs and will discover that you have a Time Line! People do have, inside them, a way of coding the past, present and the future so they know which is the past, which is the present and which is the future.

Our relationship with time, and the metaprogrammes (perception filters) of our minds, make our world the way it is for us, and can be “taught” to have us function even better in desired circumstances of life. This book is highly recommended.

Section I: IntroductionSection II: Time Line Therapy
Chapter 1: Introduction to Time Line
Chapter 2: Through Time and In Time- The Two Types
Chapter 3: Discovering The Time Line
Chapter 4: Memory Management
Chapter 5: Language and Time, The Meaning of Words
Chapter 6: Your Client’s Internal Representation of Time
Chapter 7: Handling Trauma
Chapter 8: The Language of Time
Chapter 9: Time Line Therapy-A Demonstration
Chapter 10: Programming Your future with Time Line
Chapter 11: Time Line therapy OutlineSection III: Meta Programs
Chapter 12: Introduction to Meta Programs
Chapter 13: The simple Meta Programs
Chapter 14: Complex Meta Programs
Chapter 15: Changing Meta Programs

Section IV: Values
Chapter 16: Introduction to Values
Chapter 17: The Formation of Values
Chapter 18: The Evolution of Values
Chapter 19: Resolving beliefs and Values Conflicts
Chapter 20: The Hierarchy of Ideas
Chapter 21: Changing Values
Chapter22: Utilizing and Changing values

Authors: Tad James and Wyatt Woodsmall

Pages: 282

Investment: NZ $75

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