Short Courses

A variety of popular Short Training Courses for you.

This page includes both Introductory Level and Short courses.  Topics and methodologies include NLP, mBIT Coach, Business Communication, Personal Development, Relationships, Enneagram Personalities, Trainer the Trainer, Business management, Sales and Negotiating.

As we are now based in Melbourne – most NZ courses are on demand in response to enquiry levels.  Scheduled courses can be seen here.

  • mBIT Coach Training

    The newest leading edge Coach Training!  Since July 2012 we began running mBIT Coach trainings in Auckland New Zealand, in conjunction with the authors and codevelopers Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu.  mBIT (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques) is the most amazing new field, that adds huge value to you and your clients.  Better decisions, more congruent actions, improved management of state and relationships – these are just a few of the many benefits. Incorporates some NLP essentials and goes beyond, inspiring and powerfully effective!   Read the book.  Attend the course.  Whichever order your prefer.  Course attendance has pre-requsites.

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  • The NLP Coach Practitioner Training – New in March 2019!

    For those people new to NLP, you can start here.  This 7-day course provides a great foundation of NLP learning and skills for personal change in yourself, and for coaching others casually or formally.

    Successful people aren’t some super-human race – they just have better ways to live life. This course is about becoming one of those who know how to overcome their hurdles, get out of stuck states, learn to thrive and be happy more often.  To be your best more often, is the goal – for you, your life, relationships and work.

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    2019 NZ NLP Coach Training PDF about this course.  CPL Registration Form, dates and banking details

    The Enneagram Workshops

    An Enneagram Experience is a 2 day workshop of teaching and interactive learning on the Enneagram, one of the oldest and most profound personality models in existence today. During these 2 days, you will learn what shaped you to be who you are, and come to understand others in your life more easily. You will know your true strengths, your ways of relating and your desirable growth points. You will appreciate and value people at a new and more real level, including yourself.  The Advanced Enneagram workshop is a further 2 days of deeper exploration of yourself, your type in relationships and paths for developing what it is to be the best of you.

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  • Training Dimensions

    This course is for Trainers, Presenters and others who frequently present to groups or teams from the front of a room. The training design and presentation skills learned on this course are amazing … and will greatly benefit your training and presenting capabilities, whatever your field. Your participants will love you for it … and never be bored! Also includes Spiral Dynamics. (4 Days)

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  • Business Advantage

    A popular course for Business Leaders, Business Owners, Sales/Marketing Executives and Human Resource Leaders – Business Advantage offers: an Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Business Communication Skills, Staff and Performance Management Models, Multiple Brain Engagement, Successful Selling and Negotiating plus the incredible insights of Spiral Dynamics – the guide to Mastering Values, Leadership and Change! (4 Days)

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  • Become A Coach

    Based around our very successful and popular 2017 event:

    The “Become A Coach” Skillshop is a 2-Day course in NLP-based coaching skills for coaches and managers coaching staff.  Amazing skills, practical ideas and links from NLP to greater Coaching effectiveness. Includes: Your Coach Identity, designing coaching sessions, creating quality connection, facilitating change, inspiring and motivating your clients, problem solving, and more.

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  • Relationships Works for Couples

    The most common desire people express to us is that they want a more harmonious and fulfilling personal relationship.  With increased stresses in today’s world, many relationships being severely tested, and people wonder “what practical real thing can I do about it …?

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